Personalized Performance

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Personalized Performance

Choose your hosel, your sightline and your colors.

MySpider X is the next generation in our MySpider line of putters. Featuring our tour proven Pure Roll insert, the possibilities are nearly endless in your ability to customize your next putter. MySpider X allows you to personalize through color, sightline, weights, and more! You also have the option to create your putter with our new optically engineered True Path alignment system for improved putting accuracy.

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Personalized Performance

MySpider Tour allows you to personalize one of the most popular putters across professional Tours. The possibilities are nearly endless as you can customize the color, sightline, hosel, grip and more. The MySpider line gives you full control and the power to create a one-of-a-kind putter that's specific to your game and your personality. Each design has the Tour proven PureRoll insert and all the features that made Spider Tour such a success. Now you can take that same performance and personalize it.

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Personalized Performance

Choose your loft, bounce, add color & personalization, & choose your shaft and grip.

MyHi-Toe Wedge is the newest addition to the #MyTaylorMade program of personalizable products. Pick the finish of your wedge; Bronze, Black, Chrome, or RAW. Select the paint fill colors throughout and if you want to stand out in your foursome, add personalization with 4 different engraving options on your new wedge. Finish off your club(s) with the shaft/grip of your choice.

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